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Homer Waller got his start building trailers in the early 1950's supplying custom trailers for a trucking company of which he was part-owner. By the early 1960's Homer had started developing his own designs in Hopper and Belt Conveyor trailers with new ideas and new concepts. Later in the 60's Homer's trailers started to attract attention from other trucking companies, so much attention in-fact that in 1968 he decided to separate from the trucking company all together forming "Star Manufacturing" to focus on designing and building high-quality steel trailers.

In 1970 Homer's two Sons Dave and Gene joined him in his venture. By then the trucking industry was looking for light-weight, high-strength steel trailers at a competitive price, and that's just what Star Manufacturing supplied! Homer and his Sons continued enjoying success in developing and building trailers of high quality materials and workmanship.

1977 marked the start of a new era, and it marked a new name for Homer's company- STAR TRAILERS! Trucking companies had started to look for more efficient purpose-built trailers. Homer and Star Trailers answered those calls and developed then produced new designs including: Drop Deck Hay Trailers, Walking Floor® Refuse Trailers, Chain/Belt Self Un-loaders, Bottom Dumps, End Dumps, and Side Dump Trailers.

Homer's goal was to produce trailers that would best meet the Truckers needs. By listening to the truckers he designed and built trailers that would be most efficient and profitable for each haul. Over the years the designs have been refined and improved as new technology became available. These refinements include the incorporation of Stainless Steel as an option for each and every type of trailer Star offers.

The Star Trailer of today is a gleaming example of high quality U.S. Workmanship which is something any Star Trailer owner can be proud to own and operate!

Star Trailers

High Quality U.S. Workmanship